Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Grand babies......


Daddy is in Phoenix with his BFF Andy (Judging Regionals) Mommy flew to San Francisco, California for a pre-Birthday celebration (February 12th) with her childhood friends. "Mima" (that's me) has the grand babies. Julia 5 1/2 and Baby Gabriel aka JoJo 2 1/2. This was JoJo's first overnight at Mima's without Daddy or Mommy. Julia had her first sleepover last Saturday night along with Cousin Ella Grace (6 yrs old) (Niece of my DIL). Which went very well, even given the fact that they both ended up in my bed.

JoJo aka (Gabriel, named for his Uncle Gabe, Father of twins Aaden & Noah of "Miracles come in Pairs") was dropped off at 11:00 AM Friday and Julia followed at 4:00 pm (dropped off by her Nana after school). I want to mention, Julia has told me lately on more than one occasion that my house is boring!!! It's small and cozy but I never thought of it as boring. There is a gigantic toy box full of toys, coloring books and crayons and Auntie Monica's "American Girl" Doll with tons of clothes. Julia prefers to play with anything that's not a toy, the candles on my coffee table, the cushions on the dining room chairs or my walking cane. I said to Julia this morning "I am sorry I am so boring" she looked at me with a very serious face and said "NOT, you "Mima" your not boring, your house is boring" I give up :)

Last night went well, we had dinner (yes, I flaked and didn't cook, I picked up Kid's meals from Taco Bell) which they love. I mean it could have been worse , like McDonald's. Beans are good, protein right??? Auntie Monica came by to help with baths (practicing for when she goes to visit her new twin Nephews in Napa this weekend). I have found it's easier to tell the kids that they can stay up all night if the want and without fail they were both sound asleep by 9:00 PM. It was a bit of a struggle for me to carry them to my bed (why bother making up the aero bed for them, knowing they would end up in my bed sooner or later) Thankful they are both very tiny for their ages :) after a foot here and there a few grunts and groans we made it through the night. I keep my room really dark, so they slept until 9:00 AM, which was fine with me. I am not an early bird. I didn't sleep well, not because they were in my bed , but because I had a fear of JoJo quietly getting up and perhaps opening the front door. Grandmother's fears and worries are just as strong or stronger than a Mother's. (Speaking from experience).

Breakfast (in bed) consisted of Saltines and Apple Juice. I know, bad , but it's what they wanted. However, an hour later brunch consisted of Bacon, and Pancakes.

Everyone got dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed and then Nana Linda arrived to pick up Julia (for another sleepover at Nana's) JoJo is still kicking it here with "Mima" and we are heading for a nap here shortly (you read right "We"). Daddy should be back from Phoenix around 9:00 PM. JoJo will be bathed in his "Race Car" jammies ready to go home with his Daddy" Me.....well, I will more than likely go to bed and watch the "Miss America" program.....and perhaps sleep very deeply. Tomorrow is my day to do whatever with a little shopping, I will surely be buying a safety latch for my front door :)

Have a great weekend everyone :)